View from the Gulf of Naples directly in front of the erupting Mount Vesuvio.  We are looking at Portici, San Giorgio, Ercolano (Herculaneum), San Anastasia, Torre del Greco, Oplonti, Pompei, Torre Annunziata. We are looking at this formerly splendid coastline before its destruction through the existing industrial and urban development.
City Views, Landscapes, Italy, Volcano, Naples, Vesuvius, erupting

City Views, Landscapes, Italy, Volcano, Naples, Vesuvius, erupting

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And we can sense the reasons why local people would never wish to leave this beautiful area, even though the vulcano kept throwing ashes, lava and poisonous gas at them in irregular intervals.

We also understand why the Roman ruling class had made their summer homes at the foot of this dangerous vulcano until, in the year 79, the most desatrous of all rerumtions put an end to the splendor. Ercolano (Herculaneum) and Pompei were vastly destroyed and covered for nearly 1800 years under masses of lava nd ashes. This view dates to ca. 1860, just at the moment of rediscovery and early excavation.

This gouache was painted by an anonymous artist. Ca. 1860. It has been restored.

32.5 x 52 cm (12.8 x 20.5")


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