About Us

Philographikon - Galerie Rauhut

founded 1974 by Rainer Rauhut
Member of the German Association of Anitquarian Book and Printsellers
and International League of Antiquarian Booksellers (ILAB).

Antique Prints and Rare Maps from the 15th to the19th century.


About us

In my hand I am nostalgically holding a print, a framed print of Paris. It is a small print, a general view of the French capital. Seen from a distance, still a small and snug city in mid18th century. This small copper engraving by Jean de la Grieve (1689-1757) is of little artistic importance. To me, however, it is very special and precious, because it is the first antique print I ever owned. I bought it in Paris .

In Paris began the story I want to tell you. It was in 1962. I was a provincial German high school graduate reaching courageously out into the big world with ambitious plans and considerable hopes, bulging with breezy and vibrant energy, on my way to become a journalist.

The point is how I got involved, captured, hooked by antique prints. The Seine flowed just about a hop, skip and a jump from my hotel. And already on my first excursion there I could not help stumbling across the long row of bouquinists. It was a warm day in spring, and all the "shops", boxes with hinged lids were open. What a world of books and prints and ephemeral opera and train tickets, first edition books, old stamps, autographs, out of print and taboo books, old gramophone records - you name it, you could find it there. I had wanted to cross the Seine and do some first sight-seeing. But I was caught, which I didn't know then.


Liquidation Sale! Discount!

At 82 years old I am selling my stock!

Philographikon has been in existence since 1974. Since I had bought in large quantities and in various fields of themes, there are still many prints available.

Please note, that most prints have been reduced by 25% - 60%, which is reflected in the price on this Shopify website. Note that on our main website (www.philographikon.com) the price reduction is shown differently. 

I am looking forward to your contact.