"Ein Wasserdreirad" (a water tricycle)  Wood engraving image with German text about a water tricycle. Published ca 1880. On the reverse side is unrelated text.  Original antique print

Technology, A water tricycle, Sea-Spider, Ocean Tricycle, Atlantic City

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"Ein Wasserdreirad" (a water tricycle, Sea-Spider, Ocean Tricycle)

Wood engraving image with German text about a water tricycle.
Published ca 1880. On the reverse side is unrelated text.

Original antique print 

Image: 13.5 x 10 cm (5.3 x 3.9")

A gunpowder..
This is entirely due to the effect of the paddle wheels.
(. v. M.
The resort-goers of Atlantic City, a fashionable seaside resort near New York, may have the pleasure of plowing through the waves of the ocean on the tricycle here shown, provided the latter is in a good mood. The tricycle consists
as can be seen, from a platform that hovers above the water and rests on three wheels. They are provided with small teeth on their circumference, similar to those of mowers. A steam engine is arranged on the platform, which by means of shafts and gears, which engage in the teeth of the wheels,
Of course, driving such a tricycle is only complete for a cinem
flat, sandy beaches possible. Accordingly, this vehicle differs essentially from Robert Fryer's velocipede steamship, which is mentioned in Volume 1, G. 116, which keeps itself floating by means of its large hollow paddle wheels, i.e. not on the sand
made, fine ignition took place because the thread stopped glowing every time the gun-cotton touched the same, while the gaje brought in faster. Not only that the glass bulbs are accidentally destroyed from the outside, but also to the Circumstances that have not yet been fully elucidated sometimes lead to an explosion-like rupture of the glasses. If lamps of insufficient voltage are put in place, or if the voltage suddenly rises very much, no matter how great the safety, the bottom of the sea, by whatever circumstances, moves along, and incandescent lights, because of the properties, sometimes melt the platinum wire in 48
this rotates. Ver
probably that is
front wheel from
the platform
adjustable and
serves as a tax.
of the incandescent lamps and the use of lead circuits, it may be necessary under certain circumstances to provide the lamps with a special shooting bell 311. Especially when explosive bases surround the lamps, the glowing carbon filament ignites in the eye where the glass bulb breaks.- Lieutenant Hutchins of the United States Marine has with the
various Gajen experiments were made, all of which were ignited more or less quickly. At Verin chen, which Berfasser with gun cotton
The shot bells of the incandescent lamps.
The Philosopher's Stone. III.


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