Mythology, Faustulus, Remus and Romulus

Mythology, Faustulus, Remus and Romulus

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"Faustulus apportant Remus et Romulus"

(Faustulus carries Remus and Romulus to his wife)

Fautulus is a figure in Roman Mythology. He was a pigman of King Amulius who reigned in Alba Longa (ca. 20 Km southwest of Rome). Faustulus. Rhea Silvia gave birth to the twins. But the king ordered them exposed. Faustulus took the twins, who were nursed by a woolfe, home and gave them to his wife, who had had a miscarriage a short while hence. She and Faustulus brought the twins up

Copper etching by Philippe Triere (1756-1815), finished by Le Petit. Drawing for creating the etching: Gianni.

After the painting by Pietro da Cortona (Pietro Berrettini da Cortona 1596-1669

Printed by Felix Hermet and published by Musée du Louvre. Paris, ca. 1815

Copper etching printed on China paper and rolled onto stronger paper.

Very good condition.

29,4 x 31,4 cm (ca. 11.6 x 12.4")


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