Military, Armor, France

Military, Armor, France

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Military armor. - "Pieces des Armes pour Rompre en Lice faict au Nature dans Le Logis de M. Le Duc de Bellegarde grand Escuyer de France"

The nobility title of Duke of Bellegarde was inaugurated by King Louis XIII of France in favor of Roger II de Saint-Lary (1562-1646)

Copper etching published in "Le Manege royal" by Antoine  de Pluvinel (1555-1620)

Paris, 1623 (published posthumously)

Original antique print 

All prints of work were printed from two copper plates: The image and the bordure with the two columns and the coat of arms on top, which changed from print to print. Lower left print corner with page numbering a bit low in contrast. Right column base had obviously a small crack in the copper plate, which shows as a black line. Upper and lower margins are narrow.

31,1 x 407 cm (ca. 12 x 16")
mail hauberk of the early medieval age, steel plate harness; Medieval; Renaissance; knights; breast and back plates; suit of armour; panoply; Late Middle Ages;  jousting armour; battle; war, battlefields; conflict; Plattenpanzer oder Plattenharnisch; Metallplatten; Rüstung; Schutzkleidung; Kampfeinsatz;  helmet, a gorget (or bevor), spaulders, pauldrons with gardbraces; besagews (also known as rondels); Gothic Armour, rerebraces, couters, vambraces, gauntlets, a cuirass (breastplate and backplate) with a fauld, tassets and a culet, a mail skirt, cuisses, poleyns, greaves, sabatons.
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