Maps, Lybia, Benghasi, Misrata, Ras Lanuf, Adschdabiya, Brega

Maps, Lybia, Benghasi, Misrata, Ras Lanuf, Adschdabiya, Brega

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"Nieuwe Pascaart voor een Gedeelte van de Zeekusten Van Barbaria. Beginnende van C. Mesurata Tot Cap Rufato Als Mede de West-kust van Candia door Vooght Geometra t'Amsterdam by Johannes Van Keulen"

Benghasi, Misrata, Ras Lanuf, Adschdabiya, Brega

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South-oriented map of Coast line of the Gulf of Sidra in Libya between Misrata in the West to Benghasi in the East. With the small and larger harbor tows in between: Sorte, Ras Lanouf, Brega, Ajdabiya (all of these places in the old way of spelling).

Hand-colored copper etching: Published by Johannes van Keulen (1654-1711)

Amsterdam, ca. 1680

Decorative title cartouche. Crowned coat of arms with three crescents on red ground, held by an armed soldier and a king. Lower right mileage indicator in three languages. Map nr. XIX (19). Reverse side without text. Margins narrow. Map is generally in good condition with light natural age toning.
A few signs of age and use.

Map image: 51 x 59 cm (ca. 20 x 23.2")
Misrata, Buerat, Sirte, Mintaqat Wadi Harawah, As Sultan, Marsa al 'Uwayja', Bin Jawad, As Sidr, Ra's Lanuf, Al Uqaylah, Bishr, Qaryat Bashir, Marsa al Brega, Az-Zuwaytinah, Madrasat ar Raqtah, Carcura, Qaminis, Benghazi
The Gulf of Sidra (Arabic: خليج السدرة, romanized: Khalij as-Sidra, also known as the Gulf of Sirte (Arabic: خليج سرت, romanized: Khalij Surt, is a body of water in the Mediterranean Sea on the northern coast of Libya, named after the oil port of Sidra or the city of Sirte.

Aka: Great Sirte or Greater Syrtis 
Barbary Coast (also Barbary, Berbery or Berber Coast) was the name given to the coastal regions of North Africa or Maghreb, specifically the Ottoman borderlands consisting of the regencies in Algiers and Tripoli, as well as the Beylik of Tunis and the Sultanate of Morocco from the 16th to 19th centuries.The term originates from the exonym of the Berbers.

political entities of the Regency of Algiers, Tripolitania, Beylik of Tunis, and Sharifan Empire.


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