Genre, Mythology, La Comparaison, Three Graces, Romantic

Genre, Mythology, La Comparaison, Three Graces, Romantic

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"La Comparaison"

Hand-colored copper etching by Jacques Couillard (1744-1806)

and finished by Jean-Baptiste-Michel Dupree (1757-1828)

After the painting by Jean-Frederic Schall (1752-1825)

The scene is a romantic mythological one in a park: The Three Graces coquettishly turning their behinds toward the beholder for a comparison (as the title of the print suggests) and flirtatiously turning their heads over their shoulders. The judges - three picnicking ladies from the city (probably Paris) - united in awe at the unusual task. Mind, that there is not a single man in this scene.

The copper etching was executed in 1800, while this print was, judging the paper used to print on, dates ca. 1850. Hand color is attractive. Margins are partially soiled. There is general age toning in margins. When turned over the reverse side shows repair restoration work in upper center. Print had obviously been formerly framed, because a light shadow surrounds the image including title.In general: A quite interesting subject well presented and well enough preserved.

35,5 x 46 cm (ca. 14 x 18")

dog, fruit, wine

The Three Graces depicts the three daughters of Zeus, each of whom is described as being able to bestow a particular gift on humanity: (from left to right) Euphrosyne (mirth), Aglaia (elegance) and Thalia (youth and beauty).



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