Decorative Botanicals by N. Regnault l'Amandier Amygdalus Communis Ital. Mandolo. Angl. Almond tree. Allem. Mandel Baum,

Botanicals, l'Amandier Amygdalus Communis

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Decorative Botanicals by N. Regnault

Browsing the world in search of rare as well as decorative antique prints, prints one does not see every day, prints which are not to be found easily in most antique print shops, we came upon this very delightful, highly decorative and botanically as well as medicinally interesting collection of original color-printed and hand-finished-colored copper etchings of plants and their descriptions of use in medicine and cuisine, stemming from a rare French herbal written by Nicolas Francois Regnault after the drawings by Geneviève de Nangis-Regnault, published in Paris, 1774 - 1780 as "La Botanique..."

We are absolutely certain that you will enjoy the delicacy of design. Have a look at the one - of four - title pages which we were able to secure. And then go on to the finely etched plants. You will certainly notice that you have probably not seen much alike. So we are happy to present a fine selection of this famous collection.

Prints have hand-written numbers in lower margin.
Most prints have a separate page of text.

Page size: 48.5 x 33 cm (19 x 12.9 ")
Average height of plants: 32 cm (12.6 ")

Margins are much wider than shown.
Pages are very clean. Only a few pages have very miniscule, scattered spotting.
Special faults are mentioned. The names are older and not the current ones you may know.

Amygdalus Communis
Ital. Mandolo. Angl. Almond tree. Allem. Mandel Baum


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