Ancient World, Mythology, Frescoes, Amor, Psyche, Villa Farnesina

Ancient World, Mythology, Frescoes, Amor, Psyche, Villa Farnesina

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Amor and Psyche Cycle in Villa Farnesina, Rome

One of the very large rooms in Villa Farnesina was adorned by Raffael and his workshop artists with a cycle in which the story of Amor and Psyche is told in adorable Renaissance style wall and ceiling frescos. Basis of this mythological story was the story "The Golden Donkey" by Apuleius. Raffael's design and drawings are light and playful, decorated with garlands of fruit and flowers. This work was begun and finished in the year 1518. Giovanni da Udine (1487-1564) executed RafFael's ideas formidably.

Plate 8:

"Herculis quoque deuicti ponderosam clauam ferunt pueri, quâ fera monstra domuit. Harpyia Herculis labor."

Hand-gouached copper etching by  Nicolas Dorigny 1658-1746)

After the drawings by Raffaello da Urbino (1483-1520) and the wall frescos by Giovanni da Udine (1487-1564)

Very good condition. Lively ouache hand coloring

Rome, 1693

In the center, in a cobalt clue field two playful winged putti and a female winged sea creature. On the left side in the pendentive, Psyche offers Venus a jar, containing a "deathlike sleep". On the right Amor has gone to Jupiterbegging him for permission to marry Psyche. Jupiter kisses him and gives his permission.

We can see that these frescos are on vaulted surface above the windows of the hall and below the ceiling.

All images are painted on cobalt blue background and surrounded by garlands of fruit and flowers.

Very good condition. Vertical centerfold to fit publication size.

38,7 x 67 cm (ca. 15.2 x 26.4")


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